• Siesta Wine Restaurant .

    Unique atmosphere for your evening in two. Modern, attractive design, excellent gastronomy. Come and taste traditional czech speciality WEEK OF SCHNITZELS from May 30th till June 4th.

  • Siesta Bar

    SIESTA Bar decent place for business meetings, gatherings with friends or just a nice meditation with good drink.

  • Gusto Plzenka Restaurant

    Renowned restaurant with famous recipes of our honest Czech-Moravian cuisine. We offer you a great selection of tasty dishes and a unique design ambience in the newly designed interior. Enjoy deliciouse event WEEK OF SCHNITZEL from May 30th till June 4th.

  • Restaurant Lucullus

    Enjoy a great breakfast in the cozy atmosphere of the Lucullus restaurant. The aroma of coffee, fresh pastries, a wide range of hot and cold dishes are the best start to your successful day.